Powering the data backbone for the open financial system.

We’re an API-first cryptoasset data company delivering professional-grade market data APIs to institutional crypto investors & exchanges. We offer products & services that allow funds, fintech apps, & exchanges to access clean, normalized & gapless primary source trade & order book data.

Our Mission

To grow the decentralized financial system by making it accessible and understandable to data-driven investors.

Our Vision

Index 95% of trade, order book, and on-chain transaction data available for tokenized assets (including security tokens; tokenized funds, indexes, derivatives, and REITs; and of course cryptocurrencies).



We are concise, articulate, and always clear about what we are trying to do. We listen well and seek to understand before reacting, maintaining calm poise in stressful situations to draw out the clearest thinking. We provide candid feedback to colleagues, sharing information openly and proactively.


We create useful new ideas and welcome change. We minimize complexity and find time to simplify. We re-conceptualize issues to discover solutions to hard problems.


We identify root causes, and go beyond treating symptoms, challenging assumptions, and striving to propose solutions. We make wise decisions despite ambiguity and use data to inform our intuition. We think strategically and make decisions based on the long-term, defining our desired goals and working backward from there.


We put our mission & customers before our department, group or team, and are open-minded, always in search of the best ideas.


We are candid, authentic, transparent, and non-political. We only say things about our peers that we would say to their face. We admit mistakes and apologize freely and openly, treating people with respect independent of their status.


customer ratio chart

Roughly 80% of our customers are hedge funds, family offices, development teams, and institutional investors with a quantitative bent. Fintech developers and exchanges respectively comprise the remaining 20%. Our customers tend to prioritize high-fidelity data, support availability, and confidentiality around their data needs.

In addition to our market data API and custom tailored crypto data services, we also provide white-label market data APIs to exchanges. This product empowers exchanges to provide a best-in-class market data API -- powered by Nomics -- with unparalleled features, speed, documentation, and support (and at a fraction of the cost of maintaining, hosting, documenting, and supporting your own home-grown data API).

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clay collins

Clay Collins


Clay is currently the CEO and Co-founder at Nomics and Board Chair at Drip/Leadpages. Before co-founding Nomics, Clay founded Leadpages, where he drove growth to over 48K paying customers (and 175 employees), led the company’s acquisition of Drip, and raised $38M in venture capital financing.

nick gauthier

Nick Gauthier


Nick is currently the CTO and Co-founder at Nomics. Before co-founding Nomics, Nick created MeetSpace, a video conferencing application for distributed teams. Before that, Nick worked at Codeship on the Codeship Pro Continuous Delivery platform, as well as various other web application consulting projects in Ruby on Rails, Go, and JavaScript.


glen allsopp

Glen Allsopp

Head of Marketing

brandon harrison

Brandon Harrison

Creative Director & Front-End Developer

tyler spencewood

Tyler Spencewood

Senior Software Engineer

tres trantham

Tres Trantham

Senior Software Engineer

bogdan popa

Bogdan Popa

Senior Software Engineer

dave hayes

Dave Hayes

Senior Software Engineer

michael kaplan

Michael Kaplan



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